Earthing benefits – Keep it simple and lose the shoes


The popularity of earthing has been growing at a very fast rate. The world is finally starting to realize that sometimes less is more and with giving some extra time spent barefoot whilst walking outdoors can have amazing benefits on the body. It has been proven to lower inflammation, reduce stress, increase sleep quality and much more.

Try being aware of how you feel after spending the day at the beach, swimming in the ocean, walking around barefoot for most of the day and just being back in touch with nature. Most people report feeing less anxious, less stress and that chattering monkey in our minds seems to be a little less overwhelming. The rate at which technology is advancing is amazing and has it’s benefits but it is making home feel a little too comfortable.

At the beach grounding.

Ditching the shoes

Earthing stops when the shoes come on! Footwear is great for protecting our feet, creating style and giving us more comfort when on the move. They also insulate the body and stop us connecting to the Earth. Footwear became accessible to everyone from the middle of the 1900’s, shoes for the left and right foot became different! In the 1900’s, laced shoes began to rise in popularity as Americans began to harden the ends of shoe laces during the end of the 18th century. More information on the history of shoes can found in an interesting article written by – The History And Evolution Of Shoes.

Earthing barefoot.

What does earthing do to the body?

The Earth has an unlimited supply of electrons. When you walk on the Earth barefoot, electrons begin to flow naturally, radicals are removed and electrical charge built up in the body is reduced. Inflammation is one of the biggest culprits in many health disorders and through Earthing or Grounding regularly, those risks are lowered immensely. As some might already know, Clinton Ober is the one responsible for researching and exposing the amazing benefits of Earthing. His book – Earthing “The Most Important Health Discovery Yet” is a must read for those looking to learn more. 

Earthing barefoot, holding shoes.

Earthing everyday

Earthing is so simple, yet it is becoming very hard to achieve on a daily basis. Living in the city, working 40 – 60 hours a week can make it very difficult in finding the time to take a break from the shoes and reconnect to Earth’s natural energy. This is why Earthing bed sheets, Grounding mats, pads and accessories are now available. You can literally stay indoors and still receive all the benefits of Earthing from home. Click our link here to view a full range of products that can ground the body as you would walking barefoot outdoors on the Earth, except do it from the comfort of inside home whilst sleeping, sitting on the couch or even at the work desk. 

Earthing grounding chair pad.

The Earthing pad above can be used anywhere at home on the couch, chair or bed. 

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