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Orders Are Shipped Within One Business Day Via Australia Post

Orders Are Shipped Within One Business Day Via Australia Post

Earthing Sheet & Grounding Mat FAQ

Most frequent questions and answers

As long as you want. We spend majority of our lives separated from the earth. Reconnecting with our natural environment is one of the most beneficial things to do to maintain good health and vitality. 

No, our cable incorporates a 98k ohm resistor that acts as a safety fused link and it is impossible for your earthing sheet to conduct electricity when only connected to an earth outlet of your home. The power point does not need to be turned on in order for the sheet to work. The top two pins of the plug are plastic and the single bottom pin is what connects you to the earth. 

Yes, but you will have a much stronger connection with direct skin contact. 

Earthing and Grounding are both the same, there is no difference, they’re just alternative names. Whether you’re spending some time barefoot outdoors or using one our products, call it what you want – you’re both Grounding or Earthing your body. 

No, wash once every 1 – 2 weeks with cold or warm water in washing machine (wash with other linen and towels for optimum silver shine and clean contact) Never use bleach, fabric whitener or oils as they can tarnish the silver and damage the conductive silver thread.

How Earthing Sheets Work.

Our grounding sheets allow you to connect to earth’s natural energy from the inside of your home. Our sheets have a silver thread woven into organic cotton and a plug attachment that connects to the wall socket. The two top prongs on the plug are plastic so only the earth outlet is connected. Click here to view our full range. 

Reduced stress & anxiety, improved digestion, better sleep, reduced pain & inflammation have all been proven through grounding the body on a regular basis. 

Click here for more information. 

All our products are tested for quality assurance. We regularly test to ensure that we have full contact with the earth when connected to one of our products. You can test yourself using a multi-meter, click here to see our 5 steps on how to use a multi-meter and test it with a grounding product. 

The Earthing adapter has a 98k ohm resistance inside it for safety reasons.

With multimeters the continuity range usually has a certain resistance threshold in which it considers a wire to be closed. If your resistor is of greater resistance than the threshold on your multimeter, then even though current can flow through it, the meter will not register continuity.

The ohm setting on the multimeter gives you the maximum ohm it can measure up to. For example, 2k (0 to 2000 ohm), 20K (0 to 20,000 ohm), 200K (200,000 ohm), 2m (0 to . 002 ohm). If the resistance is greater than the range setting, it will give a reading of zero.

If you select the Ω symbol setting to 200k it will bypass the resister and give you a reading, not all multimeters have that option as their default is usually set at 20k.

It is a little confusing if you aren’t familiar with using a multimeter. Please, contact us here if you have any questions. 

No, all our grounding products do not conduct any electricity. So you can leave your power point at the wall turned on or off, it will make no difference, you will still be grounded. 


Our grounding mat is made from silicone rubber with added carbon which works as a low amperage conductor. 

Our sheets will last as long as any other cotton bed sheet, just don’t expose them to high temperatures as cotton is known to shrink. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask us at [email protected] or click the green chat box and we will get back in touch asap!

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