Orders Shipped Within One Business Day Via Australia Post

Orders Are Shipped Within One Business Day Via Australia Post

Orders Are Shipped Within One Business Day Via Australia Post

Why we need to spend more time outdoors

Healthy mind and happy being outdoors.

A healthy mind is hard to find 

As technology grows it’s no surprise that we are finding it creeping into our personal lives. It seems to be our path of evolution. Slowly detaching from the world we were once brought into, kind of reminds me of that movie The Matrix.

To date our population is experiencing the biggest decrease in connection with the outside world, 50% are now living in faster paced, built up urban areas and by 2050 that percentage is predicted to move to 70%.

It’s sad to see that mental health issues in our population has been on the rise. Depression is beginning to sound like the norm. Statistics show that the highest rate of depression today are in 14-year-old’s. Is it because of technology being introduced to kids at such a young age? 

Internet is running 24/7, something our brains are not wired to do. For some it has huge advantages for running businesses and keeping in touch with clients. When it begins to disrupt our normal sleep patterns that is when the trouble starts. 


Sometimes less is more

Bringing life back to its natural environment has been proven to have huge benefits. Not saying everyone needs to go out and live in the forest somewhere. When the stress begins to build, it may be time to get outdoors and go ”take a hike” literally and if you can do it barefoot, even better. We all know the benefits of Earthing, if not, click here to learn more. 

The sound of traffic, people, pollution and all the noise that goes with urban living is the last thing that is going to help rumination. Studies have shown that a 90 minute walk in a natural environment can reduce mental stress, lower anxiety and help silence any negative thoughts. 

why you need to take a hike

Hiking has been proven to be one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. When you are surrounded by beautiful rich scenery, fresh wind blowing on your face, birds singing and allowing your body to absorb the suns warmth, its no wonder your brain will begin to unwind. A great article written by barefoottheory.com is called “11 Benefits Of Hiking For Health And Well-being” click the link to read. 

The sun alone will promote natural Vitamin D production in the body that will raise your body’s calcium absorption which means great for the bones and growth. Vitamin D is also renowned for fighting diseases, depression and promoting weight loss.

One hour of hiking can burn up to 400-700 calories and will also boost serotonin levels, leaving you feeling naturally high on life. It might not be as comfortable as being in an air conditioned gym, listening to music and watching the TV screens but all of this is still based around technology.

Hiking outdoors

The good thing about hiking is you can always go at your own pace. The harder you push yourself the more blood will pump through your body. In return will reduce stress, anxiety and boost self-esteem and promote the release of endorphin’s. You can easily turn your hike into a faster paced interval training session.

The cost of going for a hike is zero dollars, just invest in a comfortable pair of  shoes, hat and drink bottle, and you’re good to go. If you can’t always get to a hiking track then try leaving your phone at home and going for a quiet walk. It’s the little things and the little habits that swoop under the radar and can have the biggest impact on our moods and quality of life.

So don’t be shy, give hiking a go and absorb the benefits. What have you got to lose? Well in this day and age possibly your mind!

Written by Eli 

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