Earthing is a simple way to reduce stress

reduce stress naturally

Earthing & Grounding is a great way to lower stress naturally. It’s basically connecting to the Earth by walking barefoot on it’s surface. This neutralizes the positive charge known as free radicals through electron absorption from the Earth. Lowered stress can help balance cortisol levels, releasing more energy, mental clarity and a lift in overall mood. Researchers say it takes up to 80 minutes for the electrons to travel from the earth and take effect. Earthing is known to be one of the most effective anti-oxidants that can relieve pain, reduce swelling, improve sleep, enhance well being and much more. Learn more about Earthing here.

What is cortisol?

Cortisol is a natural hormone in the body, it’s job is basically to put us to bed and then wake us up again. Cortisol levels rise throughout the night and peak when its time for the body to wake up and then slowly goes back down throughout the day. 


Dealing with too much stress. The problem starts when stress begins to build and our bodies pumps excess cortisol. There can be many causes to increased stress, the most common are work related and bad diet, both can have us waking up at random times throughout the night. It can also effect daytime energy levels, it generally happens in the late afternoon and is usually a good sign that cortisol levels have dropped and are out of balance.

Low cortisol levels can take it’s toll on your mood, energy levels and have you desperately reaching out for a hit of dopamine. The general go to fix is the nasty but tasty snacks – candy, chips, cheeseburgers, we all know the ones! All in effort to try lift our mood back up, but in reality this just makes things much worse.

Finding balance

Another great way to keep cortisol levels balanced is to stay hydrated. Any foods that are high in sugar and carbs will spike your blood sugar. Whenever there is a spike is blood sugar, cortisol will follow, leaving you feeling tired, full of brain fog and not motivated to get through the day. Sometimes skipping breakfast all together can be more beneficial for your mood and energy levels.

There are many things that can help in reducing stress. With some added self awareness, the process of elimination can help target the initial cause.

Earthing is a convenient way to deal with stress and it has been proven to be a very effective solution. All the Grounding products at Urban Hippee are designed to deliver the exact same benefits to walking bare foot. Click here to see the full range of Grounding products and how you can reconnect to earth’s natural energy from home or contact us here for more information on our products. 

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