Orders Shipped Within One Business Day Via Australia Post

Orders Are Shipped Within One Business Day Via Australia Post

Orders Are Shipped Within One Business Day Via Australia Post

Limit headaches with grounding/earthing

grounding & earthing in western society

Research suggests that a general lack of grounding is linked to the rise of modern diseases.  Western society live in the year 2020 – we wake up, get ready for work, put on our shoes, commute to work, spend 8-9 hours a day in a building that shelter us from nature then commute home, have a shower, cook dinner, spend time on our devices then go to bed. This is an average day for the overwhelming majority of the western world. If you exist in western society you could go days or even weeks without walking around barefoot. So our bodies aren’t getting the electrical change and balance it needs from the earth, certainly not as much as our hunter and gather ancestors were getting a few hundred years ago. 

Migraines & headaches

If you’ve ever suffered from a migraine you would know that they can be absolutely debilitating. Migraines can cause nausea, vomiting, throbbing pain and sensitivity to light and sound. Some common triggers for migraine sufferers include hormonal changes, dehydration, stress and cellular dis-function. Out of habit, we often reach out to pain relief tablets which may be effective but acts only as a temporary fix for masking an actual health problem. 

Different kinds of headaches.

The photo above and article written by Medline Plus, will give you more information on the different kinds of headaches and how they can occur, click here to read. 

how can grounding help with headaches

Grounding and earthing feet on sand at the beach.

Grounding can assist in decreasing the frequency of migraines through improving cellular function and reducing stress hormones known as cortisol. When cortisol levels are off, it can lead to lack of sleep, insomnia, fatigue and more headaches due to the level of stress put on the body. Getting a good nights rest is one of the most important parts to living a happy and healthy life. The recommendation for grounding is approximately 80 minutes, this is enough time for the body to absorb the electrons from the earth and take effect on the body. For most of us it can be difficult to find the time to stand barefoot on the earth. At Urban Hippee there are a variety of different products available that can make grounding easily a part of your daily life. Learn more about the benefits of earthing & grounding in our blog, click here to read. 

Written by Sarah Gordon

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