Get Better Sleep With These Top 10 Natural Tips

Many different factors can alter hormones within the body and disrupt your natural wake/sleep cycle. The Natural Institutes of Health estimates that 30% of the general population suffer from some kind of sleep disruptions. These are our top tips to try before you reach out for those nasty sleeping pills.


Earthing the body for better sleep.

Earthing, also know as Grounding is a natural way to reduce stress and anxiety. It’s as simple as losing the shoes and going for a walk barefoot on the Earth’s surface. There are a large variety of Earthing sheets, grounding pad, mats and accessories available that allow you to stay connected to the Earth’s natural energy from home. Click the link here to check out the range of Earthing products. 

Drinking caffeine at the wrong time

Drinking coffee effects sleep.

Drinking coffee and other caffeinated beverages stimulates the central nervous system, increases your heart rate and alertness. Caffeine can stay in the system from four to six hours. So maybe check the time before having a warm cuppa throughout the day. It’s recommended to avoid caffeine for at least six hours before you want to sleep. 


Eating to much junk food can cause stress all throughout the body and create overall restlessness. Try to avoid any processed, high sugar, high fat foods and instead swap the take away for a clean home cooked meal. Fresh fruit, vegetables and legumes will definitely help put your digestive system at ease –  making it much easier to switch off when its time to catch some of those much needed z’s. An interesting article written by NBC News goes into more details on “How What You Eat Affects Your Sleep” click the link here to read. 

Eating before bed

Eating before bed.

Two to three hours should be left in between your last meal and hitting the pillow at night. Your digestive system will be working hard to process a full plate of food and is guaranteed to keep you up at night – So keep your last meal light.

Blue Light

Blue light before bed time effects sleep.

The pineal gland found in the brain produces a hormone called melatonin. When the sun enters our eyes it sends signals to the pineal gland to release melatonin which is the key to our sleep-wake cycle. Digital screens and lighting are renowned for keeping the mind stimulated. Try turning all the gadgets off at least one to two hours before bed. Sleep glasses and anti blue bulbs and lamps can be bought, check theme out at this link here. There is an article about the affects of blue light, click here if you would like to learn more. 


Miserable at work.

A study listed on the Washington Post stated that only 13 percent of people worldwide actually like going to work – this means that 87 percent of us are not happy with our jobs. Unfortunately for most of us work is a necessary evil we are subjected to for an average of 40 hours each week. Spending the majority of our time stuck in a position you’re simply not happy with can have some very damaging effects on your overall mood, happiness and ability to sleep soundly. If there’s a knot in your stomach that’s stopping you from getting a good night sleep then maybe it’s time to start looking for another job. They say change is as good as a holiday – Commit to change, your soul will thank you tenfold!


Soaking up some sun rays throughout the day can boost daytime energy and also gives the body vitamin D which helps our body absorb calcium. Spending time outdoors can help sleep and improve vitality in many ways.
Go for a walk, cycle or a light jog for ten minutes in the morning or afternoon. Exercise will reduce stress and tires you out. Reduced stress means a clear mind and easy to full asleep. 


Build control over those unwanted thoughts. Five to ten minutes a day of meditation can reduce anxiety. Learn more about the power of meditation, click the picture below.



Be grateful

Every night before bed, try writing down three things you’re grateful for. It has been proven to decrease depression and remove unwanted negative thoughts. Leaving you happier throughout the day and less stressed when it comes to bedtime.

Take a break

Take a break.

Last but not least, just go on a holiday, leave your phone at home and switch off from the world for a while. You’ll find you will sleep much better without everyday stresses. Give yourself some time to recharge – if you’re reading this than you probably deserve it.

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