Meditate To Enhance Your Mood

Meditate to lift your mood.


Eat, sleep, work, repeat, don’t forget to meditate!

It’s easy to lose awareness of tension in the mind and body for the 9 to 5 warriors. 8 hours of work, then transport, food prep, gym, socializing, following your passions – so much to do with so little time. But there are ways to release unwanted pressure and take that edge off and no, this does not include hitting the bottle.

Meditation… Ain’t nobody got time for that. It does require practice but you will be rewarded with a sense of who you are and why you are here. Setting goals and dreams are an excellent way to spark the soul, until the novelty wears off and you realize these goals are going to require some work. Everything needs a process and call to action but without acknowledging the process and learning to enjoy the ride you’ll find yourself stuck deep in the rabbit hole, wondering why there is no damn carrot already.


According to Buddhist teachings, meditation is key to attaining enlightenment. In other words, to find your true identity, stop resisting and begin the path you are meant to walk. Accept who you are, without the need to temporarily escape through a weekend binge filled with sex, drugs and rock n roll… A great article written by – “Buddhist Meditation Techniques & Practices” They go into more detail on how the Buddhist practice their meditation, click the link to read. 


When meditating, the pituitary gland found in the brain will secrete endorphins which naturally create positive emotional feeling. A study found in the Psychiatry Research claims that patients with anxiety disorder who participated in regular mindful meditation classes experienced a decrease in stress hormones when confronted with a challenging situation.

What is meditation 

Meditation involves sitting in a comfortable position, back straight, focus on the breath and the present moment. If thoughts intrude, just let them pass on by without holding on, and return to the breath. Over time, meditation can actually change the structure of the brain, a process known as neuro-plasticity. Benefits include an increase in focus, clarity, productivity and a sense of peace, even during mentally challenging and stressful times.

The terrifying story of the junior Thai football team trapped in the cave is a great example of the power of meditation. Their coach, Ekapol Chanthawong, was trained to be a monk at the age of 10. States he trained the team to meditate, keep calm and always preserve energy. The team was trapped close to 10 days with little food and no light. During the time Ekapol kept the boys calm through practicing meditation.

The chattering monkey mind is what Zen Buddhists refer to when the mind is filled with endless noise, monkeys swinging from tree to tree, jumping and screaming. This is their definition of the mind being stuck in constant motion. Hurtful past experiences, fears both real and imaginary, judging the present, the daunting “what if” future scenarios. These negative thoughts over time can affect your health and your social life making it hard to have positive interactions with others. 
Through meditation your mind will seek clarity, positive thoughts, peace and a feeling of happiness will shine through. So it’s time to beat that monkey…

How to meditate

Try turning your phone to flight mode, sit and close your eyes. Bring your focus to the breath, fill your diaphragm with air and feel your belly rise as you breath in and bring yourself to center, then slowly exhale. Rinse and repeat. Set a 5 minute alarm and do this daily. Once you feel comfortable you can increase your meditation sessions. The chattering will decrease and quieten over time. This life is no rehearsal, be yourself, find your own path and chill out, you deserve it!
Learn more on how Earthing can deepen your meditation practice, click here to read the article. 

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