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The Truth on blue light & how It Effects Your Mood And Well Being

about good Blue Light

The majority of white-collar workers spend almost their entire working day in between the walls of an office. This can cause people to be vitamin D deficient and have trouble concentrating and being productive for more than a couple of hours at a time. It turns out the solution to boosting our productivity and concentration comes from the lighting we are surrounded by.

Natural blue light – the light we get from the sun, has been found to decrease depression and improve mood, energy, alertness and productivity. Studies suggest that optimizing the amount of natural light in an office or wherever you’re trying to concentrate significantly improves health and wellness of workers and in doing so leads to higher productivity. 

Light temperature

Did you know that light is measured in temperature? The temperature of light is measured in the numerical value – Kelvin (K). The Brighter the light, the hotter the temperature becomes. You can do this demonstrated when metal is heated. It starts off dark, as is gets hotter if turns red, then orange, yellow and if it gets extremely hot it will start to glow into a white. If you’ve ever used a gas torch you may recall seeing the flame emitting a blue color.

Below is a graph from Westing House Lighting, which explains the light/color scale in a very clear way. 

How light temperature and blue light effects your mood.

Try changing habits

There are some ways that you can increase the natural light in a workspace, one is to move your desk closer to a window or instead of having your lunch break in the lunch room, try finding a seat outside where you can get some sun for half an hour. It’s amazing how much better you’ll fell afterwards.

Whilst you want to spend your most productive moments in cooler light, when it comes time to switching off and unwinding for the day it’s important to think about how to reduce the cool lighting (Blue Light’s) from your surrounding. Replacing with warm yellow to orange light has no effect on the circadian clock and prepares the mind for quality sleep.

blue light glasses and lighting

Couple in bed being effected by blue light whilst looking at mobile phone.

There are some amazing products that you can use to help your body relax and unwind naturally. The Amber Book Light is 100% free of blue light and is much safer than using any normal artificial lighting and can be attached to the top of a book you’re reading or can be used as a desk light.

If reading a book is not the way you choose to unwind and you prefer watching a movie or scrolling through your favorite social media platforms, you can also invest in some trendy Night Glasses. These Glasses can significantly reduce the effects on blue light and stimulation at night. This should help you to relax and ensure you’re getting a good nights rest.

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