How to test the voltage in your body with earthing


Earthing products are best tested using a multimeter as we found they give an actual reading of how high the volts are in the body and also give a visual reading of how much of the volts are removed from the body when in touch with one of our products.

A lot of other companies rely on using just a continuity tester which may work just fine, but all it delivers is a green light and not a visual reading. The best thing about a multimeter is that anyone can use it and can be purchased from any local hardware store or we do sell them here.

Earthing mat tester being held in hand.

How a multi meter works

Most electricians and auto electricians make good use of these instruments, but can easily be used by anyone around the house too. The general basic measurements used for testing are amps, ohms for resistance (we use for our adapters and cords) and volts which is what we use to test our products with for conductivity. We’ll talk about just the voltage and ohms as this is what we focus on using when testing.


Multimeter’s use a shunt resister which enables a current to pass through and pick up a digital reading to be displayed on the screen for us to view. To test the voltage in the body you need to turn the setting to V~ 20. It needs to be set at one decimal point and it must be able to measure down to at least 0.1 volts AC which is equal to 100 millivolts. For the most accurate reading we recommend and use for our products a multimeter that can measure down to 0.01 (10 millivolts)

Ohm is known as the unit for resistance

The continuity range in most multimeters by default usually have a certain resistance threshold in which it considers a wire to be closed. If the resistor has greater resistance (our adapter/cable for example) than the threshold on your multimeter, even if a current is able to flow through it, the multimeter will not be positive in continuity.

The ohm setting on a multimeter gives you the maximum ohm it can measure up to. For example, 2k (0 to 2000 ohm), 20K (0 to 20,000 ohm), 200K (200,000 ohm), 2m (0 to . 002 ohm). If the resistance is greater than the range setting, it will give zero.

When testing our cords and adapters for continuity you will need to select the Ω symbol setting to 200k so it will bypass the resister and give you a reading, not all multimeters have that option as their default is usually set at 20k.

We had an issue in the past with a customer that had tried to test one of our cables/adapters using a multimeter for continuity but without using the grounding product itself. Once the customer changed the setting to bypass the resister he was able to get a positive reading.

Earthing Cords and Adapters

The two top prongs are plastic for obvious reasons as we don’t want them to conduct any electricity. All of our earthing cables and adapters have a 98k ohm resistor that acts as a safety fused link and only allows a small current to travel through which makes it impossible to conduct any electricity. So the power point does not need to be turned on in order to be connected the Earth outlet.

Earthing Australian plug.

How the house is earthed

The Earth is used on all Australian homes to protect from electrical shock in faulty appliances. If you were to touch a damaged or exposed wire at home, the electrical current will be pushed out into the earth and will also trigger a circuit breaker to switch off the current that has the fault, keeping you safe!

Grounding rods keep all homes properly earthed and are connected throughout the buildings power supply. They are long copper bars approximately 12mm in thickness and are typically over 1200mm long but can go much longer. Most Australian homes will have these installed near the electrical box. You can literally see them sticking out of the ground, see photo below. Also more detailed information on grounding rods can be found here written by

Earthing rod in the ground.

Australian properties use these grounding rods to connect to the power points around the house or unit complex. The power points have three holes – the top left is active, top right is neutral which is what feeds the power supply and the bottom is the Earth outlet.

Multimeter to test Earthing and Grouding products. .

The bottom earth outlet is how we are able to connect all our Earthing and Grounding products.

How to test voltage in the body

You need to attach your black COM cord of your multimeter to an earth outlet which is not always accessible. Of course this is probably a good thing as it would be dangerous if there were some electrical appliances around the house that had wires exposed.

A safer option would be to use is an earthing rod, we sell these here which are very easy to use as you just push it straight into the ground, just to note you will need to be wearing shoes if you were to try this method as they will insulate your feet from grounding naturally. Another option is to pick up a grounding rod from your local hardware store, they are available in lengths over 1.2m, so they are quiet long. Just to make things simple and easy we will continue the example using an Earthing cord and adapter.

Australian grounding cord

Plugging in the adapter 

You will need to ensure your Earthing adapter is plugged in correctly. Sometimes in older homes the earth outlet in power points are not always functional, you can test this using a power socket tester.

Testing the socket before connecting earthing sheet.

In our opinion it’s not usually necessary although it’s the multi power boards that are worth checking. 

What setting do I use? 

On the multimeter turn the setting to V~ 20, it must be set at one decimal point (0.00) which means it is measuring down to 10 millivolts which will give a very precise reading.

Multi-meter testing grounding product.

Not all multi-meters have the V~ 20 setting. You can purchase our multi-meter here if you don’t have one. 

Where to connect the black cord

You will need to attach the black cord provided into the COM port of the multimeter and attach to the opposite end to the Earthing snap connection of the cord. If you use an alligator clip, this will make it much easier to connect.

This same method can be used to test your product for conductivity too, only difference is that you connect the black COM cord to your Earthing product instead of just the cord. Here is our simple 5 step process to test your product for conductivity.

Where to connect the red cord

Plug the red cord into the VΩHz port of the multi-meter. Hold the opposite metal end between your fingers. You will instantly get a reading of how many volts are in your body. The voltage reading will change depending how close you are to other electrical appliances around the house. Being close to multi power boards with lots plugged into it will give off quite a high reading.

Removing positive charge in the body

The high voltage you see when testing is the reason we have come up with the idea of our Grounding products. The Earth is capable of absorbing electrical charge and neutralizing it which is great for our safety at home if there is an electrical issue.

In this day and age the average house is full with electrical appliances. As they are a great convenience to have, they also cause our bodies to absorb an unnecessary amount of free radicals which has shown to cause damage to our cells in the body.

To neutralize the free radicals built up, we need to to absorb negative electrons from the Earth. Lucky for us the Earth is big enough to give an unlimited supply! Just to give you an idea, a lightening bolt can produce up to 100 million to 1 billion volts and is easily absorbed by the Earth. In fact lightening rods are located at the top of high buildings and is linked to an Earthing rod to absorb the enormous electrical bolt and protect the structure. 

That’s why our Grounding products work so well, after following our tests we have seen voltage drop to as low as 0.01 and in some cases 0.
When laying on a fitted bed sheet, we found this to give the best reading. But overall it can take as much as just your hand touching the product to reduce your volts down.

What exactly are free radicals?

Oxygen in the body can split into single atoms that aren’t paired with electrons. An electron that hasn’t been paired can easily be targeted by an atom called a free radical. These free radicals can seek other atoms or molecules to bond to and when this continues for too long it starts a process known as oxidative stress. For a free radical to become more stable it searches for electrons from other atoms. Free radicals have been linked to disease like Parkinsons, Alzheimer’s and many more. Read more here on free radicals, written by

As we know Earthing is not a cure all solution for our health, but certainly plays an important role in giving the body a chance to heal naturally. The world is advancing fast and we need to find ways to avoid being effected by the fast growing technology. Our answer to this, is to stay grounded for as much time as possible and best of all you don’t need to spend money, just lose the shoes for at least half an hour a day and get back in touch with the earth.

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