Earthing can enhance your meditation practice

About Earthing 

Earthing has been growing fast worldwide and is being used to help relieve stress and improve sleep. Getting outdoors, losing the shoes and connecting to the Earth’s natural surface removes positive charge built up throughout the body.

Feedback from studies are showing that all it take is up to half an hour of your time walking barefoot on the grass or at the beach can have amazing health benefits. More information on how Earthing can reduce stress can be read here.

Earthing outdoors with laptop.

The power of thought

Combining mediation and Earthing together really goes hand in hand. Meditation practice is one of the most effective tools in fighting against loud thinking or as the monks refer to as the chattering monkey. Peace of mind is something that requires practice and is not something most think about when going through the daily routine. Both physical and mental training are equally as important.

The conscious mind and thought is still something to this day no one really understands. Thought is always their, appearing in conscious-nus as does our sight, hearing and other sensations. Without giving anytime to understand it, thought can really play a huge part in how we feel everyday. 

Meditating outdoors near lake.


Driving to work, you’re late and someone cuts your off in traffic. You choose to throw negative energy and curse at the driver for making you even more late for work. Why not curse the universe as to why it hates you so much too. 

You can try looking at this on a different angle. What if this drive to work will be the last drive you ever get to experience. A moment to yourself, listening to your favorite music, commuting to a place that supports your entire lifestyle, places a roof over your head and feeds you and your family everyday. Every moment, this moment right now, no matter what you’re doing is all we really have. If we become aware of how we look at each situation and choose to respond to it can really change our perspective on life.

Over thinking.

Earthing and meditation test

An interesting study made by Gaétan Chevalier, Ph.D., director of Earthing Institute and research director of Psy-Tech Labs in Encinitas, California. An electrophysiological brain mapping helmet, used in research to monitor brain function. Whilst the participants sat in a comfortable chair equipped with Earthing connections. The participants practiced their meditation both whilst Earthing and not Earthing. The results came back very positive and this is what they reported whilst meditating and Earthing together –

  • Less mental activity.
  • Calm control over their emotions.
  • Slight reduction of ADHD tendency among two participants.
  • Brain waves showed to be significantly calmer.

Click the link here to see more information on this article.

Combining both practices together

Earthing and meditating can be practiced together outdoors barefoot on the grass or at the beach. If finding the time to get outdoors is a bit much or just uncomfortable to add to your practice then you can try an Earthing pad. It is a soft cushioned pad, the dimensions are 70cm x 50 cm and can be place anywhere around the home, on the floor or on your couch, making for the perfect meditation accessory.

Earthing Pad.

Both Earthing and meditation have many great benefits, try not to think of doing it just for yourself but for the people you love. Becoming a better version of yourself can strengthen relationships by feeling better about yourself, life in general and learning to enjoy every beautiful moment it has to offer.

Wim Hof has an amazing 10 minute breathing exercise you can try for your next mediation practice, see video below. 

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