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Orders Are Shipped Within One Business Day Via Australia Post

Orders Are Shipped Within One Business Day Via Australia Post

The Full Moon and it's Effect on Your Body.

Full moon over the ocean.

The Full moon

Restless nights, edginess and digestive discomfort sound familiar to you during a full moon?  Or have our ancestors passed down genes to protect us from night hunting predators? 

During a full moon, reports from medical staff and security personal claim unsettled nights due to people becoming agitated, and apparently may induce labor in pregnant women. There are many ancient moon stories, it’s hard to differentiate between truth and myth.

Here are some facts. Humans are made up of 60 – 70% water. The earth is 70% water. As the earth rotates every 24 hours, gravity will push and pull the ocean, creating a tidal change every 6 hours.

Because humans are comprised of such a high volume of water, it’s understandable some people feel unbalanced during a full moon. If you are experiencing gas, fatigue, excessive hunger, constipation or diarrhea, trouble sleeping, head-aches or irritability, possibly your body has parasites in the digestive system.

Check out more related information here – “The mood-altering power of the Moon” written by bbc.com. 


Parasites can live in our digestive system, eating nutrients and waste. The most common parasites reported are cryptosporidium and giardia intestinalis. It’s worthwhile checking the water quality when traveling to unfamiliar countries. I’ve suffered my own run in with parasites from Bali which caused two weeks of the splats. Not something I would wish on anyone!

There are many parasites that can gain entry to your body from food, water or bad hygiene. The full moon can be a good diagnostic tool. As these parasites are basically living in a water world, it’s no wonder the moon’s gravitational pull wakes them up for a party. Staying hydrated is great natural weapon to fight off parasite, read more here to learn more about the benefits of staying hydrated. 

Try being aware of symptoms and see if they increase over a full moon period. If you feel symptoms intensify during a full moon, you can try a supplement called Paracomplete which is specifically designed to clear your body of parasites.

What foods to eat

Or adding these to your diet will naturally reduce the parasite population living in your body.

  • Cinnamon: Add it to your tea with some ginger
  • Garlic: 1 – 2 cloves of garlic with some water between eating.
  • Papaya and pumpkin seeds: Add it to your smoothies or cereals
  • Olive oil: Mix it with your salads
  • Apple cider vinegar: One teaspoon up to 3 times a day
  • Natural yogurt – Is a great probiotic, will also help good gut bacteria.
  • Or just blend all the above in a smoothie with some berries.

Healthy digestion is very important for overall wellbeing and vitality. If you’re really concerned about getting rid of parasites these are foods to avoid :

  • Processed food: probably the worst of all. People in our society are surrounded by it. Junk food does not support healthy immune systems and creates stress in the digestive system trying to filter out all the fat, salt, sugar and extra toxins.
  • Wheat contains gluten which can inflame the intestines making digestion difficult.
  • Alcohol: No need to go into detail about this one. You know it’s bad for the immune system.
  • Sugar: Eating sugar is like supplying your parasites with free cocaine. Also very bad for the immune system.
  • Pork: Pigs will eat just about anything and digest it very quickly. We can easily be exposed to the parasites they pick up. You are what you eat!

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