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Our new lenses technology have been designed to block 99% of harmful blue light and 80% of green light from all digital screens and lighting, allowing the mind to switch off naturally and ensure you are getting good quality sleep. 

  • CR-39 premium lens with anti reflective coating for optimal visual clarity.
  • Wear 1-2 hours before going to bed. 

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About Blue Light

We are in the era of electronics. During the evening we are probably watching something on Netflix, YouTube, TV, catching up on work on a computer or a tablet or just surfing the web.  These artificial lights from gadgets emit a blue glow, a light wavelength similar to the day time sky. This blue light enters your eyes and signals your brain to think it is still day time and interferes with the natural production of melatonin, our wake/sleep hormone. 

While many are aware of how blue light from electronics disrupts sleep, many do not know that about 25% of the blue light from fluorescent lighting and 35% from LED lights is also damaging to eye health, over time raising the risk of vision problems including macular degeneration. The degeneration is pretty subtle and minimum but why take any risks? 

That said, many people experience digital eye strain and simply ignore it. Dr. Bazan owner of Park Slope Eye in Brooklyn and a member of The Better Vision Institute on the Vision Council, says:
People are so accustomed to their eyes feeling tired at the end of the day, they just accept it. Just because it is normal, does not mean that it’s ok.  

Luckily as technology advances, so do we in protecting our self’s from it. Blue light glasses are a must for all those households lit up by TV’s, laptops, phones, video games and artificial lighting.

Our new lenses technology have been designed to block 99% of harmful blue light from all digital screens and lighting, allowing the mind to switch off naturally and ensure you are getting good quality sleep.  

Blue light glasses for better sleep worn by man on couch using iPad.

reduce eye strain

Strained, dry eyes, blurred vision and headaches are all symptoms that blue light is effecting your eyes.

Improve sleep

Increase melatonin naturally at night by blocking out the blue light from electronic devices around home.

mental clarity

Stay fully focused and reduce brain fog when working, studying, gaming & using mobile phone.



  • To get the most out of your glasses, we recommend putting them on at least 1 – 2 hours before bedtime or when the sun goes down and the house begins to light up with artificial light.  

  • Try to leave the glasses on until all the lights and screens are turned off in the house and you are ready for bed. 

  • Crystal Sleep Glasses can be used throughout the day, especially when spending long periods in front of digital devices. 

  • Removing the glasses occasionally throughout the day is recommended to give your body a break from thinking it is still night time. 

What's in the box?

1x Crystal Sleep Glasses

1x Leather magnetic case

1x Soft case

1x Cleaning cloth

  • Size: 52-17-140
  • Frame: Handmade acetate
  • Lenses: CR-39 with anti reflective, scratch & UV400 protection

Our Lenses

Why we choose CR-39?

There is a unit called the abbe value which refers to optical clarity, the higher value the more clarity of the lens. Most cheaper anti blue light glasses on the market have a very reflective blue coating and are made with PC (Polycarbonate) which are rated as the lowest optical clarity of lens material available. Below are the differences in value –

CR-39 – 58

PC (Polycarbonate) – 30

Blue light glasses night time spectral test report.

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